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Eating with the Seasons

Pears. We probably all know that right now is “pear time” in Oregon, and as such, this is a perfect time to start pulling out the recipes for pears… and nuts: mixed green salads with pears, nuts and crumbled gorgonzola … Continue reading

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I Like This Recipe

This is from Joyful Belly, a fun web-site on an Ayurvedic diet. This recipe is good for digestion, but it’s quite similar to the one I posted in the “Emergency Kit for Stressful Times” post that you can find … Continue reading

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No, I’m not talking about the Britney Spears’ song. I’m talking about the, on average, four pounds of chemicals that we absorb through our skin into our bodies each year. I used to think that our bodies could handle most … Continue reading

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Go Outside!

OK. I admit it. When you have a place like this to go walking just 10 minutes from your house, why WOULDN’T you? But lots of people don’t. I don’t even care to think about how many times I could’ve … Continue reading

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Seasonal Transitions

Here are some pictures of my garden today… this sunny, gorgeous Oregon Fall day! I finally gave up waiting for my pumpkins to turn orange… the best it seems they could do this year is develop an orange spot on … Continue reading

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A Big Player in Your Health Arsenal..Vitamin D

Vitamin D Sue’s “Cliff Notes” on one of the most important “players” in your health arsenal. Read this and you’ll know more than your doctor does! But more importantly, you’ll stay healthy. At the end of the article, I’ve listed … Continue reading

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Goodnight, Sleeptight, don’t let….

I’m sure everyone has heard by now about the infestation of bedbugs that is sweeping the country and that they had to close down the Empire State Building in New York. I’ve heard that they’ve been found at a hospital … Continue reading

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