Go Outside!

OK. I admit it. When you have a place like this to go walking just 10 minutes from your house, why WOULDN’T you? But lots of people don’t. I don’t even care to think about how many times I could’ve taken advantage of days like this and chose to do something inside instead. But then, I’ve had a problem with making exercise a priority for years…. and it’s a habit that I’ve been trying to break. We all need to figure out what it is that we like to do, what motivates us, and then…. as a local company says…. “Just Do It”.

So shut down the computer, leave a meeting a little early, postpone dinner for an hour after work, turn off the TV… whatever it is that seems so important and go take a walk (or run, bike… whatever turns you on) in a place as close to nature as you can find. All the better, take a friend with you.

And for those of you who think I’m being smug or trying to rub it in by suggesting going outside when you see these pictures of the gorgeous Pacific NW… I promise you, I’ll post some pictures when it’s pouring rain… did I say POURING?….. and I’m outside in foul weather gear that’s worthy of a sea captain! I have no doubt that you’ll have ample opportunity to get back at me…

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One Response to Go Outside!

  1. nikitnt says:

    You’ve thrown down the gauntlet! I will start shopping for my rubber boots and we will have no excuses when the deluge starts.

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