I Like This Recipe

This is from Joyful Belly, a fun web-site on an Ayurvedic diet.


This recipe is good for digestion, but it’s quite similar to the one I posted in the “Emergency Kit for Stressful Times” post that you can find in the December archives. That one also had garlic and ginger in it, helps boost the immune system, and has been one of my most popular posts.

Lemon Spice Weight Loss Tea

Reported by John Joseph Immel, Asheville, NC

Ayurvedic Diet
Type: Drink-Tea
Servings: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Vata pacifying Pitta aggravating Kapha pacifying
Hot Light
ayurvedic notes

Lemon, honey, vinegar and cayenne form a classic, vivacious Ayurvedic blend to boost fat digestion and metabolism. A strong sour taste encourages the free flow of bile from your liver and gall bladder to your gut. After drinking LemonSpice tea, a warm sensation about the midriff will confirm these effects.Bile & Fat Reduction

Bile is nature’s fat digester. Its presence in your gut helps digest high-fat foods. When these foods linger in the stomach and small intestine a person feels heavy and sluggish. Drinking LemonSpice tea restores energy and vitality by helping the body digest these foods.

Since bile is oily, its production pulls fat out of your bloodstream. When you don’t eat enough green vegetables, bile tends to build up and thicken in the liver and gall bladder, forming gallstones. LemonSpice Weight Loss Tea cleanses the liver and gall bladder by flushing the bile from them. Since bile also contains toxins, LemonSpice aids detoxification of the blood.Groggy Mornings

A heavy, late night meal will (more often than not) sit in your digestive tract throughout the night, stagnant and undigested, till the next morning. When this happens you may wake up to find your stomach feels like a throbbing brick weighing you down, making you feel tired and groggy. This is actually not far from the truth. LemonSpice directly counteracts food coma and groggy mornings.

Vinegar and cayenne add an intense metabolic spark that improves energy and enthusiasm. Together with warm water, they strongly stimulate digestion and clear mucus accumulations from the stomach. This has the effect of improving circulation and revving up metabolism, effectively clearing Kapha from the blood as well.


LemonSpice Weight Loss tea combines peppy cayenne and zesty lemon with gusto and verve. When celebrations with heavy foods and desserts leave you groggy and tired the next morning, LemonSpice addes a sparkle to the eye and an enthusiastic boost.

1/16 tsp Cayenne Pepper Vata pacifying Pitta aggravating Kapha pacifying
1 c Water Vata pacifying Pitta pacifying Kapha aggravating
1/4 lemon Lemon Vata pacifying Pitta aggravating Kapha pacifying
1 tsp Honey Vata aggravating Pitta aggravating Kapha pacifying
1/8 tsp Vinegar Vata pacifying Pitta aggravating Kapha pacifying

Mix together and drink in the morning upon waking.Ask a question!

questions & comments

If I’m Kapha, water has an excamation point…do I avoid water?

– Elena Embry, Nipomo, CA, 11-07-10

Truth is. . .yes. Ayurveda recommends teas and broths instead of straight water. Water is cooling and feels heavy for many kapha people.

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One Response to I Like This Recipe

  1. JRM says:

    THIS is a great drink … i have this twice a day (no cayenne!) and it’s THE BEST! I could not recommend this too strongly.

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