Services Provided

Educational Classes and Presentations (additional information below)

Cost: $25 per person with a minimum of 6 people. For groups of 10 or more, the price drops to $15 per person.

Individual Counseling (additional information below)

Cost: $95 for an initial one hour session which includes going over a detailed questionnaire and a 4 day food journal that you will have completed before the visit. (Blood Chemistry panels are an optional, additional choice). One 1/2 hour follow up session is also included in the price.

Individual/Cleanse Detox (additional information below)

Cost: $195 per person with the following exceptions….”couple” rates are an option, and a “Group Cleanse” is also an option… it’s probably the least expensive way to go. Cost depends upon the number of people involved. Keep in mind that your food cost should drop as you eliminate certain foods from your diet as well as Starbuck’s coffee drinks and alcohol… all of which add to food budgets more than we might think. At any rate, the final cost will be determined by how many people are doing the cleanse and how many supplements and protein shakes we decide are necessary for you during the cleanse.

The next group detox will be in January, just when we all want one (and probably need one)!

DESCRIPTIONS of the Above:

Educational Classes and Presentations Information

These presentations and classes can be tailored to your groups’ needs. In general, the presentations will be about 1 1/2 hours long including Powerpoint presentation, Q&A, demonstrations and samplings of food, if appropriate.

These are educational, entertaining Powerpoint presentations on various health topics such as: digestion; blood sugar; fatty acids; hydration; endocrine health (particularly adrenal health); cooking traditional foods that supply probiotics to your gut and aid in proper digestive function; growing your own food in healthy soil; food politics (or what I’m calling food fight); pregnancy and children’s issues; self sufficiency; and ideas for a more healthy, balanced lifestyle…. all of which will help you feel more confidant in taking responsibility for your own health and balanced lifestyle.

Individual Counseling Information

In combination with your visit to your MD or ND, this is a nice option to round out your whole health profile and learn more about you as an individual than you might normally from your visit to your internist or general practitioner.

This process includes going over your detailed questionnaire and 4 day food journal. Going over a previous blood chemistry panel is an optional choice, or I can arrange to have you go to Direct Labs for a current CWP (Comprehensive Blood Panel) for an additional cost.
My desire is to teach people the things that I’ve learned so that they can make proper choices of their own in the future. To that end, I’ll try to help you understand the reasons why recommended changes or additions are a good choice for you, so that you can build on that knowledge on your own. No-one needs to feel as if I am judging their habits or food choices, as believe me, I’ve made more than my fair share of bad choices on many of these issues!
I don’t diagnose or treat diseases and I’m not a doctor. I don’t prescribe medicine. I don’t have patients, I have clients. If I feel that something is out of my realm of experience or education, I will refer you back to your own physician or to one whom I think might be able to help you better than I can.

Detox/ Cleanse Information

My detox plan is a hybrid of several plans that I have studied, so it’s not only a “detox”, but also an “elimination diet” to help correct food sensitivities.The program includes supplements to support the liver and all elimination pathways for a 4 weeks, rice powder protein shakes, food suggestions and some recipes. I follow you through the whole process and you have my support through e-mail or phone contact.

The 1st week is an easy transition, with only minor food and lifestyle adjustments. It’s purpose really is designed to make sure that all pathways, including phase 1 and phase 2 liver detox pathways are functioning optimally before starting the actual detox.

During weeks 2 & 3, gluten and dairy are eliminated along with most animal foods, caffeine, alcohol and most processed foods. These are the weeks where you add protein shakes into your diet to replace the protein foods that you are cutting out in the form of dairy and animal foods.

The 4th week is another transition phase where you add avoided foods back into your diet, while still supporting liver and gallbladder function.

Why is doing a detox/cleanse a good idea? Going to the supermarket and out to eat has made most of our meals more like a guaranteed “festival celebration”. We eat processed foods, chemicals in our food, and LARGE portions. It’s not the way our ancestors ate.

In addition, there are more toxins circulating in our environment, in our food and in the products we use in our houses and put on our bodies. “Detoxing” can not only be healthy, but can also be an enjoyable experience as you learn to alter some of your food “habits”  and expand your food “repertoire”.

As an added bonus, I have yet to see anyone who does not lose at least a couple of pounds, and some have lost up to 10 pounds, but everyone is an individual and there is no “set” result on this. It’s important that you understand that this is not a “weight loss program”… it’s a cleanse/detox program… and as such, any weight loss is an added benefit of your healthier eating and lifestyle.

Below is a testimonial from one of my “star” clients. We determined that she was sensitive (or allergic) to gluten, and she had such great results with the detox/cleanse that she ended up changing her whole diet. She wrote this after 6 months of living her new diet/lifestyle. At this point, I think she has gone on to lose another 5 pounds and is anticipating being taken off her blood pressure medicine at her next doctor’s appointment.

I felt my health was going in the wrong direction. I was 30 pounds over weight, blood pressure of 165/100 and cholesterol of 275. At 59 years of age this was not looking good for a long productive life. My physician prescribed medication for the elevated Blood Pressure and Cholesterol and I felt I was giving a shot at losing weight.

With medication the medical conditions improved, but I was still on medication that didn’t make me feel good and still 30 pounds over weight.

I decided to try Sue’s detoxification diet for three weeks and see what that revealed.

Eliminating many of my favorite foods wasn’t easy, but I noticed a big difference in a short amount of time: more energy, no bloating, regular eliminations, skin silky soft. Some weight loss but not substantial. My mood seemed better, too.

After six months, I lowered my cholesterol to 150 from 275 and I’m free of Statin drugs. I’ve lost 20 plus pounds and when I’ve lost the last 10, I’ll consult my physician about getting off the BP medication. I lost belly fat that was making it hard to tie my shoes and I’m now shopping in the SLIM Drawer of my closet!

This has been truly a change of life and not a diet. I would recommend this to anyone with dietary and health concerns.

I would not hesitate to recommend Susan Hamilton as a nutritional therapist. She has a passion and depth of knowledge for helping people to improve their lives through nutrition and lifestyle.

Niki Thommen

I’d like to add that Niki is a retired ER nurse and her husband is an anesthesiologist. Both of them have always been very physically active people (understatement) and Niki is a great cook. So it’s not like the only people who can benefit from something like this are “couch potato fast food eaters”!


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