Surprised This Hadn’t Already Been Done

We’ve all heard how we should be careful of getting too much mercury from the fish we eat, and many of us have been aware of the fact that mercury is in vaccines (in the form of thimerosol.. it’s used as a preservative… it used to be in my contact lense soaking solution as well). And, I’m going to guess that many people were aware that silver dental fillings, or silver amalgams, also contain mercury. Actually “silver fillings” are 50% mercury.

Following is a 3 minute video I think you should watch, as the city of Costa Mesa, CA has just become the first city in the United States to propose a ban on silver amalgam fillings. Honestly, I thought this had already been done… a long time ago…. everywhere. The FIRST city??? Whoa.

So… at the end of the 3 minute video, the dentist also mentions the problems involved with removing silver amalgam fillings and the threat that poses to the patient, and actually, to all of us if not done properly and DISPOSED of properly.

Well. YAY for Costa Mesa!

Here’s a tidbit that helps understand more of the issue surrounding mercury and the short video is at the bottom.

Coal-burning electric plants are the largest cause of avoidable mercury emissions. Other sources of mercury pollution in the environment include the disposal of batteries, thermometers, and gas meters. Not all mercury emissions are from industrial sources. Mercury is released into the air when volcanoes erupt and mercury-containing rocks contaminate ground water.

Mercury is dangerous to humans. High levels of mercury in a human can affect the nervous system and is especially harmful to unborn children in the womb. The most common way a person is exposed to mercury pollution is through eating fish. Lakes become contaminated when mercury compounds in the air mix with water vapor and fall as rain. The mercury is absorbed into the fatty tissues of fish, which pass that mercury on when the fish is eaten. PBS Newshour.

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