How’d Your Turkey Get on Your Plate?

Following is a link to The Perennial Plate… a site that I’ve enjoyed checking out over the past year. Daniel Klein is a chef and food activist who has been making videos of his efforts to farm, hunt and cook sustainably for the past year in Minnesota. It’s been hard work and I’m supportive of what he’s trying to do.

My feeling is that the huge majority of us (myself included) are completely disconnected from our food. The way we “raise” and “grow”our food is to go to the supermarket. It’s unnatural… almost like something out of a science fiction novel… and I think it makes us vulnerable and “infant-like”.

Having said that, I’m still pretty squeamish about witnessing anything being killed, so having someone like Daniel who can let me ease into it by watching a video that he filmed is working for me. I’m not completely avoiding it anymore, but I’m not forcing myself to do something I’m not ready for either.

The videos at the top (episodes #36 and #1) are very appropriate for the season. Both are about how our turkeys get on our plate for Thanksgiving. Yes, the turkeys do die (hello!), but both are pretty gentle and a nice way to ease into this. His first (#1) episode has kids involved and it’s really very funny and cute in parts… both episodes are sensitive.

Anyway… hope you give it a peek and start “reconnecting”.

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