I Lied…More on Vitamin D

I know I said my next post would be on an “emergency kit” to keep on hand so that you could stay healthy over the holidays. But I just stumbled on this and thought it was cool. I like the visuals….

HOWEVER…. at the bottom of this they show margarine as a source of vitamin D. I can’t let this pass without saying I don’t think you should ever eat margarine.

Contrary to the bombardment of info we’ve been force fed for so many years, this is NOT healthy for you. It’s full of partially hydrogenated fat and trans-fat. It isn’t a food that we were meant to eat, so DON’T!

Eat real butter from grass fed cows… (like Kerrygold). It’s real food… like our ancestors ate. Eat smaller amounts and get exercise. Your body will love you for it.

Also, the bottom graph shows that the sales of vitamin D supplements in the US doubled from 2008-2009. You have to be suspicious of things like this whether it’s pharmaceuticals or vitamin supplements. Who’s profiting from the pill pushing? Suppliers of supplements want to make money just as much as the pharmaceutical companies do.

I think this backs up my comments on “Flip Flop”…. and I’m still standing on my “rock” of the  “common sense and looking to the past approach”. Nothing has made me change my mind re the cut off of 30ng/mL as being the “lowest” your level should be. I still like mine at 59.

Vitamin D

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