Functional vs. Conventional Medicine

I guess you could call functional medicine alternative medicine… at least it’s not your typical western, allopathic model of medicine.

In my opinion, there are good things about both functional and conventional medicine, and a wise person will learn what each has to offer and will consider using both, depending upon the health situation they are dealing with.

The good news is that this is becoming easier to do, as many conventional healthcare providers have recognized the rising demand from patients and are integrating alternative medical modalities into their practices.

In addition, insurance companies are beginning to allow alternative therapies to be claimed on healthcare policies because they recognize that the practices can be preventative… thus saving money for them. Also, there is a burgeoning field of alternative healthcare providers… it’s becoming easier and easier to find qualified help if you are looking to “prevent” disease from happening rather than “manage” it after you already have “it”.

Here’s a good video explaining the difference in focus between “prevention of disease vs. disease management”, and trying to find the “underlying cause of symptoms vs. treating symptoms”.

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