My Basic Philosophy

I thought I should state my basic philosophy behind the posts on my blog so that readers understand where I’m coming from. Some of this was in the “about” section, but not all, so…. here’s my stance….

Whether you believe in evolution or in Adam and Eve, the fact remains that we are biologically 99. 9% the same as our ancestors who lived over 40,000 years ago. We have the same body systems and organs. We have a heart, lungs, digestive tract, reproductive organs, 2 arms, 2 legs, etc…

We evolved to thrive on certain kinds of foods and to use our bodies in certain ways.

As times changed and agriculture developed, humans settled down and started growing their food and raising livestock about 12,000 years ago. Relatively recently, people moved off of the farms and into cities, and some of the traditions surrounding food and ways of life changed… but really, for the most part, much remained the same until the last 100 years… actually, it’s changed dramatically since WWII and the explosion of “chemicals” in our world.

Fast forward to the current time, and there is little that remains the same.

2285710966_5ba020e766.jpg This is how we “hunt and gather” our food? Art by Banksy.

We go to the supermarket instead of growing our own food and are addicted to convenience and processed food. Much of our food isn’t really food… it’s a massive amount of chemicals. We don’t work our bodies the way our ancestors did either.

In my opinion, out of all of the dietary changes that have occured in the past 100 years, the changes that are damaging our bodies and health the most are:

nycronenglish112004.jpgWho’s taking care of our kids? Feeding them? Preparing their food? And what’s the motivation anyway? Art by Ron English.

  • sugar consumption, fake fats, and processed food;
  • animals fed antibiotics, growth hormones, and food not meant for their consumption;
  • pesticides and herbicides on our fruits and vegetables as well as soil altered with agricultural practices and chemical fertilizers.

The relatively new lifestyle practices that are damaging our health include:

  • being completely disconnected from our food (do we have a clue where it comes from?);
  • not exercising our bodies the way our ancestors did;
  • becoming a nation of “pill poppers”…. yes, for most everything that goes wrong with us, we pop a pill; and,
  • food and drug politics, monopolies, and financial interests.

I believe that people should:

  • care about where their food comes from;
  • make an effort to reconnect with their food;
  • care about how our food was raised, grown, and prepared;
  • understand how important the food we put in our body is to our well being;
  • be interested in things like whether or not our food is genetically modified and whether giant food companies like Monsanto control our whole food supply… (don’t kid yourself…. agribusiness is big bucks!);
  • understand that our healthcare costs are heading towards bankrupting our country and screwing up our children’s and grandchildren’s lives; and,
  • learn about “preventing” disease through diet and lifestyle, so we can get things back on track and leave a better world to our kids and grandkids.

SmallCowgirlBikiniPink.jpg Chemicals and GE(genetically engineered foods) are being added to our foods in increasing amounts with more to come. This is reflective of the GE “growth hormone” that is given to cows to make them produce way more milk than they are supposed to. More milk is produced, but in addition to this  manufactured hormone, antibiotics must be administered to the cows because they develop mastitis, or inflammation of the nipple. So we get not only the GE hormone, but also antibiotics and pus in our milk. It’s true… I’m sorry. Art by Ron English.

Before becoming pregnant and raising children, parents should educate themselves about:

  • nutrition, lifestyle, alternatives to drugs, and the possibility that we are giving children too many vaccines too early in life.

Children need us to care about these issues at least enough to really start paying attention, rather than blindly accepting everything we’re told without even looking into it… without thinking, really.

Yes, some vaccines might be in our best interest, but does that necessarily mean that all are? Seriously, do we need to give a newborn baby a hepatitis B vaccine within hours of birth or before leaving the hospital when the mother doesn’t have hepatitis B? (Not sure? Read up on it. And while you’re at it, read up on which states make it a mandatory practice).

As for the foundations of health that were taught to me as good places to start when trying to take control of and responsibility for our own health… these are the biggies:

  • digestion;
  • blood sugar;
  • fatty acids;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • hydration; and,
  • a nutrient dense, properly prepared diet.

In addition, I think it’s important to teach clients about the effect that stress has on the human body and adrenal health.

Reviewing these foundations, along with a basic blood chemistry panel, is a great place to start for people who want to take charge of their own health.

Exercise? Absolutely. We were meant to move and work our bodies. Our bodies start to break down and not work effectively without regular exercise.

As for self suficiency:

  • we’ve abdicated responsibility for our health to doctors and pharmaceutical companies and don’t know the basics of self-care;
  • we’ve lost the knowledge of how to take care of our homes, our gardens, our cars and to grow or raise our own food;
  • we’ve forgotten how important it is to prepare our own healthy meals and to preserve our own food.

Truthfully, if there were some kind of disaster which required that we feed and clothe ourselves, stay safe, protect ourselves and care for ourselves if we became sick or injured, many of us would be woefully inadequate at demonstrating the most basic skills.

So there you have it… my basic philosophy that will be reflected in my posts.

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