Unplug the Sink or Retrieve Your Earring (while saving $)

How many times have you been preparing for a dinner party and found that you put too many potato or carrot peels down the sink and now it’s all backed up? The garbage disposal doesn’t work, everything is just floating in the sink and now you have to call the plumber.

Or even worse, you drop your earring, your ring or your contact lens down the sink…. now you REALLY need to call the plumber! And it’s going to cost you …. big time.

Well, no more! This is the EASIEST fix…. even a mechanically challenged idiot like me can fix this in about 3 minutes.. piece of cake.

I deliberately plugged up the sink with lots of peelings, and I have to admit, I did a bang up job of it…. there was such a wad of peels in the pipes that this took me 3 1/2 minutes to clear rather than the 3 minutes it might have if I hadn’t done such an overkill with the “plugging”.

Just an FYI… after I shot this video, my son and daughter-in-law were visiting and Blair dropped her earring down the bathroom sink. They didn’t freak out, asked for a demo and retrieved the earring in a matter of minutes.

The only difference between the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink is that when you drop things down the bathroom sink, you’ll find your lost item in the U shaped trap at the lowest point of the drainage pipes. You need to unscrew it on both sides and carefully let all the water drain into your bowl from the pipes and the “U shaped trap” that you unscrew. (You can see this in the video).

And of course, in ALL cases, as soon as you drop something down there or plug up your sink…. TURN OFF THE WATER! You’ll lose your earring or your contact lens if you let the water run long enough for it to push the item through the trap.

If you don’t have updated pipes with the “twisty thing”, you’ll have to get a wrench to undo and tighten the metal ring….

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5 Responses to Unplug the Sink or Retrieve Your Earring (while saving $)

  1. Ginann says:

    What a helpful video! Just don’t dump the bowl of water and peels back in the sink!

  2. Yeah…. that would really make you feel like an idiot if it got plugged again! Fool me twice, shame on….. ? ME!
    The ideal place for those peelings would be in a compost pile.

  3. courtney says:

    Thanks for the video. I successfully retrieved a diamond earring that fell down the bathroom sink. I’m so glad I knew automatically to turn the faucet off when it fell. The plastic pipes are easy to remove and put back on. Whew!

  4. Glad it helped Courtney… amazing how easy it is! I recently dropped my rigid contact lens down a hotel bathroom sink and immediately turned the water off. I had to call hotel maintenance because the pipes were metal and required a wrench to unscrew them. The guy came, opened up the pipes and voila… there was my contact lens!
    However, he thought it was a soft lens so he pinched it together and snapped the thing in 1/2… bummer!
    Thanks for writing.

  5. Deb says:

    What an incredibly helpful video! I am 50 and have never tried this before. My earring fell down the drain and I had to retrieve, (it had sentimental value, was a gift from my sister when I was in her wedding back in ’94). SO, I was very thankful to retrieve and it was so easy. Thank you for the video.

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