The Garden in Winter…plus GREAT classes!

I love the garden in winter because it gives you time to reflect upon what was good last year and to plan what you want to do differently this year. It’s quiet and peaceful out there, but it isn’t “asleep”… at least not in Oregon. I already have daffodils, iris and massive amounts of shotweed (rats!) springing up all over my garden, even tho it’s freezing outside.

So HEADS UP… NOW is the time to start thinking about the food you love to eat and would like to try growing yourself in your own great organic soil. Think about how much you eat, what recipes you have to make use of your produce, if you want to can or dry any of it ( I did lots of pickles last year and am thinking what I might try this year)… and then sign up for one of these great classes or series of classes (they start NEXT MONTH)! It’s a good thing to do for yourself and your family.

If you checked out the “About” section, you know that I took a series of organic gardening classes a couple of years ago from Oregon Tilth, an awesome organization.

The program that I took was the COG series (Comprehensive Organic Gardening Series) at Luscher Farm. I highly recommend it… we’re so fortunate to have such a wonderful resource and such dedicated, enthusiastic teachers at our disposal… even on a rainy day, they made the classes an event to look forward to. And the feeling of accomplishment after a day out at the farm was great…PLUS you got to see the community garden and all of the cool gardens that people like you and I were growing out there… very inspirational!

This year that program runs from March 3 – 24: Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 and Saturdays from 10-3. All classes are at Luscher Farms in Lake Oswego, a really fun and vibrant place to be! Evening classes are indoors… Saturdays are inside and outside… get your gardening clothes on, get outside and connect with nature! (and your FOOD!)

Contact Info for Oregon Tilth:   or (503) 378-0690

Classes are divided into 3 Offerings:

1) UGB, Urban Growth Bounty with the City of Portland at Faubion School, (Feb to June)
2) COG, Comprehensive Organic Gardening Series at Luscher Farm (March)
3) Additional Classes at Luscher Farm…”

I had a problem inserting the outline of all the classes that Colleen from Oregon Tilth sent me (no surprise for technologically challenged me), but I’ve compiled a brief outline below. For more detailed info, go to their website or call the contact info above.

Toolshed Series (Beginners) Faubion School.. 6-8 p.m.

  • Plan Your garden  2/2
  • Sow Your Seeds  3/2
  • Plant Your Garden  4/6
  • Grow a Bountiful Garden 5/4

TILTH Cornucopia Series (Int & Adv) Faubion School.. 6-8 p.m.

  • Garden Fresh Greens All Year Round 2/9
  • Growing Tomatoes and Other Summer Fruits From Seed 2/23
  • Garden Staples: Small Grains, Corn and Beans 3/9

Urban Gardener Series (Beg and Int) Faubion School…. 6-8 p.m.

  • Intensive Vegetable Gardening 4/20
  • Conatiner and Vertical Gardening 5/18
  • Year Round Vegetable Gardening 6/18

Additional Oregon Tilth Classes.…Luscher Farm …. 6-8 p.m.

•    Plan your Garden  2/16

Spring is here and it’s time to prepare the soil and plant all your favorite vegetables! Whether you’re starting with existing beds or planning to rip out your lawn, this class will show you how to build your soil organically for optimal production. Learn which amendments and fertilizers will help you grow vibrant and nutritious crops. The class covers seed sowing, thinning, transplanting, and season extension techniques with an emphasis on space saving strategies for urban gardeners. Join us for this fun class and take home plant starts to grow in your own garden!

•    Intensive Vegetable Gardening …4/27

The goal of intensive gardening is to harvest the most produce possible from a given space. Learn how to grow more in a small space in this practical class for the urban agriculturist. Discover simple ways to maximize your garden through soil prep, succession sowing, companion planting, and vertical gardening methods. Join us for this fun hands-on class and take home some newly sown seeds for your garden!

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