Exercise Instead of the Flu Shot?

I’ve stated in another post that I think that pushing for every single American from age 6 months old until death to get an annual flu shot is bad policy. Actually, I think I said it was silly and greedy (who’s profitting?), but seriously, I think this is an example of “overdoing” the pill, drugs, vaccine, chemical attitude that dominates our society.

We DO have an immune system that developed over 1000’s and 1000’s of years. And it’s SUPPOSED to be strong and wage war against foreign invaders in the form of viruses and bacteria that are a part of our daily world. There are times when intervention is prudent and necessary.. it’s up to us to inform ourselves so we can make educated decisions on knowing which is the “lesser of 2 evils”.

Colds and Flu… they’ve been around for a long time and aren’t going anywhere. Boosting our own immune system is the first place we should all start, and frankly, doesn’t an approach like the following make more sense than taking drugs or getting shots?

From Dr. Andrew Weil

In addition to washing your hands, avoiding people who are sick and eating a diet rich in antioxidants, you may want to add a new strategy to your preventing-a-winter-cold list: getting exercise five days per week.  Researchers found that individuals who reported performing regular physical activity at least five days a week spent 43 percent fewer days suffering with a cold than those who exercised no more than once a week. An added benefit, when they did catch a cold, was reduced severity and symptoms among those who exercised most. Most likely these reductions in colds and symptoms are linked to the increased immune system activity that occurs during aerobic exercise.
Make it a point to walk (indoors, if necessary) for 30-45 minutes per day, or if you don’t already have a gym membership, buy one and use the aerobic equipment such as stationary bicycles, treadmills or elliptical trainers.

Just walk… out in the fresh air if you can, which helps us to “de-stress” too…sounds pretty easy and nice doesn’t it?

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