Goats, Homemade Cheese and Cheese Classes

I’ve mentioned “The Perennial Plate” before in my post, “How’d Your Turkey Get on Your Plate?” (November Archives). My reason for referring you to this site is not only because I think Daniel deserves the support, but I really believe we have to make an effort to “reconnect” with our food. Walking into the supermarket isn’t what I’m talking about…..

His site just got picked up by The Huffington Post, so it will get a lot more exposure, which is great! His most recent post (# 47.. “Stelline and Stellita” ) is a good one…. milking goats and making raw chevre (goat cheese)… pretty simple!  Click on the link below to watch. I’m also posting Kookoolan Farms’ announcement re their cheese classes (just voted #68 in Sunset Magazines Top 100)!

The Perennial Plate


… In other news, this week’s episode is about milking two lovely goats, making some cheese and then a cooking tasty dish.  We filmed on the coldest day of this winter (-25 degrees Fahrenheit), so please watch the video to justify that madness.

Thanks for watching, sharing and eating

Daniel Klein

Kookoolan Farms Cheese Classes


    Kookoolan Farms’s “Advanced Cheese Theory” class was sold out with a waitlist. Great class! We’ve scheduled a date for another offering of this class: Saturday, August 27, 2011. It will likely fill early. Our cheese school was named this month in “Sunset Magazine’s” Top 100 list (we’re #68, on page 34!)



    KOOKOOLAN FARMSA small, diversified family farm in Yamhill, Oregon, committed to organic farming practices, rotational grazing, grass-based animal husbandry, humane animal handling practices, and producing the healthiest, best-tasting, premium poultry in Oregon.
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