A Challenge to All of Us

One of the things I’ve found the hardest to do with my new profession is to address the issues that challenge long held beliefs that we’ve been told by professionals for most, if not all, of our lives.

Medical professionals, scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and universities are not infallible… they do make mistakes just like all of us. Politicians, lobbyists and news organizations are a mixed bag as far as I’m concerned… some are interested in getting the truth out there and giving us information and policy to make our lives better, others have a more narrow point of view and are more interested in the “spin”.

And as we all know, there are people in every walk of life and in every profession, who might sometimes have their own interest at heart more than ours. We’ve all heard that research is sometimes slanted to produce the desired results of the people who pay for that research. And again, people are not infallible. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, they don’t know what they don’t know.

We all want to believe in our healthcare providers and law makers, but that doesn’t mean we should just abdicate our responsibility to inform ourselves and make educated decisions of our own.

I personally believe that we all enter a dangerous zone when we adamantly adhere to only one sided explanantions or limited viewpoints.

Rather than get defensive or “turn off”, doesn’t it make more sense to be willing to  really listen and then do some research of our own? Then at least one can feel that they made an informed decision and aren’t just being led by a ring through their nose.

Making decisions that involve our health and the health of our children does not lie just with the above professionals or organizations…. it lies ultimately with us.

Check out the following video. I have to say that I don’t believe that people are driving around in trucks filled with flouride just waiting to dump it into our drinking water, but there is some very valuable information in this video that can get all of us thinking.

Then maybe do a little more exploring on your own. Regardless of what you decide to believe and how adamant you get about it for yourself or your kids, at least you will have taken the time to become more aware. (I modified some of the info above as reflected in the comment section below).

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3 Responses to A Challenge to All of Us

  1. Hollie Barton says:

    I am a dental professional and have looked in a zillion mouths. Those who have recieved fluoride as youngsters have infinetly healthier teeth, with less fillings or none. I am not a researcher, but I know that flouride in a water supply is recommended at “one part per million” dose. Chlorine in water is added at a much higher “part per million” as it is needed to keep ecoli, etc out of the water supply. Interesting. Chlorine is also posionous at an incorrect dose. In this video it is unfortunate that fluoride would be added with any other elements or heavy metals. Many heavy metals or elements are needed for our bodies, but poisionous at higher doses. Just look at your vitamin bottles and see the list of trace elements like copper, magnesium and others listed. Knowing friends that have traveled to third world countries and seen rampant decay caused by lack of education and poor diets would spur most of us dental professionals to promote the use of fluoride I suppose. Many people would prefer to see fluoride given to children in pill form to control quality and doseage. Too many neglected children never see that pill. If dental professionals were not really looking out for the patient and only their own pocketbooks, they would rather see a society with no fluoride. No risk of their job drying up! It is an interesting discussion but I would have to see real evidence of damage to humans when the correct levels recommended are given. The pictures of children on the video are example of kids with WAY TOO MUCH fluoride given to them. Like anything buyer beware! I would not accept her words alone without backup research!

  2. Hey Hollie,
    First off, I want to thank you for responding. You are the first response of any real “meat” that I have had on this blog.
    Second, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t implying that dentists, scientists or medical personnel were manipulating people or didn’t have their best interest at heart. I guess if I mention them in the same breath as lobbyists one might get that impression…haha.
    To that end, I went back and added a sentence to that effect on this post. And I do apologize if that was how it came across to you… I’ll try to be better in “saying what I mean”.
    Regardless of the above, I still stand by my belief that we all owe it to ourselves and our families to become educated on issues that directly affect our health and our lives.
    I try on this blog to be measured on the comments that I make, i.e. unless I am absolutely convinced that I have the “right” answer (and who ever has that?), I don’t want to tell anyone how they should think. What I do want people to do is be open to listening to all the facts, get involved, learn to question things and then make educated decisions for themselves.
    Regarding fluoride? I have to tell you that until I got into all of this, I had no (I repeat no) idea that fluoride was a poison/toxin. I thought it was a really good thing. I associated it with a happy smiling tooth.
    Maybe I’m particularly daft, but I’d never read the poison info on the back of the toothpaste tube and I never told my kids that this was toxic, and regardless of the fact that toothpaste tastes like mint (I’ve even had some chocolate flavored fluoride at my dentist’s office), that they should rinse completely and not swallow any of it. I mean obviously I knew they shouldn’t “eat it”, but had they? I don’t think I would have realized that I should call the poison control number.
    Your thoughtful, informed comment deserves a thoughtful more complete response. This whole issue of our exposure to chemical toxins is a big one; it’s not just about fluoride. I think rather than trying to do it here, I’ll make my full response my next post… and I would very much like to hear any of your comments to that. Thank you for being willing to enter into a discussion.

  3. Actually, I went back and altered several sentences and took out the words greedy and immoral, as I think they are inflammatory and detract from the larger point trying to be made. I wanted to state this so the comment above, which was reacting to some degree to those words would make more sense.

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