U Can Handle This – Where Does Your Meat Come From?

Those of you who have been reading this blog know that I think we should “reconnect” with our food. This is beginning to be my mantra, so… sorry, but although many of us think it is, just walking into a grocery store where we have no idea where our food  comes from or how it’s been raised or processed doesn’t fit the bill as far as reconnecting.

I’ve slowly been acclimating myself over the past couple of years. I’ve visited farms and farm animals, frequented many farmer’s markets, grown some of my own food, bought some raw milk, eaten lots of pastured eggs, taken classes…. but I’ve said before that I’m not ready to go out and “hunt” or kill my own food. (other than fishing… rarely). I can’t even bring myself to go see movies like “Food, Inc.” because I know I will be totally grossed out and upset. So that’s why I’ve been easing into it by watching videos like the following.

This next video is another from “The Perennial Plate”, the online sustainable food documentary that I’ve showcased before (“How’d Your Turkey Get on Your Plate” Nov. archives, and “Goats, Homemade Cheese and Cheese Classes” Feb. archives)

It shows the killing and processing of 2 bison. I have to say that this really was one of the most humane experiences that I can imagine. Better than anything that could be conjured up in our “normal”(?) CAFO’s (Concentrated  Animal Feeding Operations).

These bison were raised outside the way they were meant to be raised, grazing on food they were meant to eat, and I agree with Daniel from “The Perennial Plate” that they were probably dead before they hit the ground. The guy in this video was a great shot and waited til he could get a shot to the head right behind the ear. The bison was down and gone in a second… never knew what hit him.

The thing that surprised me the most was that not one of the other bison ran away or seemed to care at all. Kind of “ho hum, let’s eat some more grass”. Anyway, the butchering wasn’t even hard for me to watch, it was very professionally done and clean.

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2 Responses to U Can Handle This – Where Does Your Meat Come From?

  1. gage says:

    “Sometimes they’ll come after you shoot one and try to beat up the one that’s down because that was their closest rival”.
    Not the best family! 🙂

  2. Gage…. We’d never do this to you!

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