Spring Cleaning… Something to Throw Out of Your Life?

Spring is a time for “cleansing” and celebrating the renewal of life. After a long hard winter, life has sprung anew. You can see it if you just look out your window at the birds and the plants that are surging forth with renewed energy after the winter season.

It’s a traditional time for spring cleaning our houses and throwing the windows open on sunny days. It’s a time to reflect upon our bad habits, renew our goals and fertilize our gardens and our lives.

There are many historical, traditional celebrations and religious observances at this time of year. Easter, Passover, the observance of the Spring or Vernal Equinox and the celebration of May Day.

Me? I like all of the above ideas and reasons for giving bad things up, vowing to try harder and focusing my energy on what’s important.  So in the spirit of  the season… I’ve decided to give Monsanto up for Lent.

Philosophically, this isn’t hard at all for many of us to do. But in reality? It may be harder than any of us realize. I’ll keep you posted on anything of interest that I find out.

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