This Grossed Me Out…. be aware of the meat you eat

I wrote in my last post (months ago) that my mother had passed away and that I would be closing down her house where she raised 6 kids and lived for 70 years. It has been pretty overwhelming and totally consuming. And it’s not over yet.

Honestly, I’m so far behind that I think I may be first!

There have been so many things that I would’ve liked to write about during these past months, but I couldn’t concentrate on it; now I find that starting up again is kind of hard…. where to start?

So I think I’m going to write about a subject that totally grossed me out and shouldn’t take much energy to get me to squeak out a post…. namely… “meat”.

So what about meat? Am I a vegetarian or vegan? No. I like meat, eat meat, and I think it’s obvious that humans have eaten meat, fish, fowl since the beginning of their time on this earth. Seriously, acquiring adequate food was too hard to turn your nose up at anything… can you imagine.? “No, I won’t eat meat, may I please have a plate of pasta?”

I’m not making fun of vegetarians, I’m simply saying that we evolved by eating meat and it is a very natural food for humans to consume as part of their diet.

We didn’t even go through the agricultural revolution until around 12,000 years ago, so before that it was pretty much animal, seafood, fowl, seaweed, and seasonal eating of eggs, nuts, berries, honey, mushrooms, cooked tubers and safe wild greens.

So my stance is that it’s quite natural for us to eat meat. In fact, there are nutrients supplied in meat that are necessary for our growth, development and health. They can be furnished through a vegetarian diet, but it’s harder and it takes some care to get them.

What really isn’t natural for us to eat is meat that comes from animals fed food they were never meant to eat, confined in living conditions they were never meant to endure while being shot full of antibiotics, and chemicals while standing in each other’s waste products and filth .

All of this changes the quality of the meat we eat; it’s important, it matters, and it absolutely affects our health, to speak nothing of the cruelty to the animals. But I’ll save all of that for later… that’s not what I’m writing about today.

I’m writing about something that came to my attention over the last couple of months that blew me away.It’s the practice of using “meat glue” to turn scraps of unusable meat into steaks and other cuts of meat and passing them off without people’s knowledge of what it is.

Have you ever noticed the weird looking texture of processed meats? I’m wondering if this is how they make it. Maybe I’ll research that for my next post.

But repeating past comments, I’d  say that I think we need to get sane about the subject and look to the past. We probably eat too much meat and most of it is not “natural” meat… raised the way nature intended for it to be raised and fed.

We should be figuring out how to eat less meat, but we should eat meat of the highest quality.

What this all comes down to is one of my mantras: we need to reconnect with our food and we need to know where it comes from, how it’s grown, raised and processed.

In looking at the below, I think you’ll agree with me that if this is the future, this need to reconnect isn’t going to get better… it’s going to be so important to start taking responsibility for our food and to know the source.

The following is from a news report in Australia:


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