Get Going with “Putting Up” Your Own Food

Growing your own food is one thing… a good thing. It’s the best way you can actually control your food source and ensure that you are giving your body the quality food it craves and deserves.

But what do you do with all of this food when that little plant grows up and really starts to produce more than you can eat at any given time? They used to call it “Putting Up”, but whatever you call it, preserving food is about as traditional and natural an act as any of us can perform and it’s not hard to do.

I haven’t been home much this summer, so my vegetable garden is kind of a sorry mess at this point, but the good news is that between “U Pick It” places, farmers’ markets, and roadside stands, there are tons of opportunities to buy good, fresh organic produce to enjoy now, as well as later.

I just left the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market and came home with a bunch of marionberries to freeze for later use and it’s got me thinking about what I should put on the calendar regarding other preserving projects.

I’m hoping to talk my sister-in-law Ginann into making her Spicy Dill Pickles with me again in September, as they are not only delicious and great to have all year long, but they make wonderful Christmas or Hostess gifts.

And last night, we tasted some awesome hot pepper relish for hamburgers that my nephew Cole made…I’m going to try and coax the recipe out of him…. hamburgers are good all year long and this condiment really transformed the burger (along with his homemade habanero mayonnaise).

I’d love to have some jars of all of this stuff on my shelves, and besides, I find it soothing to look at… a reminder of sunny days and also of doing something for myself, rather than paying someone-else to do things for me which I’m perfectly capable of doing myself.

Here are 2 good basic videos to take the mystery out of it and get you going…. all you really need to do is make reconnecting with your food a priority and set aside the time.

Come on… you can’t tell me that you are so busy with other things every single day that you can’t give this a try!

Have fun… follow the simple directions…. get creative… and share with all of us if you come up with something extra special!

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