Seasonal Eating… Summer

Do you remember the web-site I gave you called “The Worlds Healthiest Foods”? (December 29th and January 31st blog posts). Sure you do! And you’ve been using it ever since… right?!? (seriously, it’s a great resource and we should all be checking back to it on a regular basis to take advantage of the huge wealth of information they share).

Well here’s a good article I found on their site about the value of seasonal eating. It’s not just because it’s cheaper… there are real nutritional reasons for it, which this article points out.

And since we evolved with a pattern of seasonal eating, I think there may be some real biological advantages as well… something to think about… because you know we weren’t ever meant to have every conceivable type of food at our finger tips, in great abundance, all year round.

The lists of seasonal foods in this article is not complete by any means, so don’t take it too literally… as an example, obviously,  I would certainly add fish to any summer seasonal eating plan… but their suggestions should hopefully get your brain going and cause you to look around at what kind of food is available to you right now, grown or harvested in a traditional way.

Nooooo… grocery stores aren’t the best resource of examples of what’s seasonally available right now!  haha.  A better resource might be to check out farmer’s markets or local farms and roadside stands.

So check this out and expand upon it to suit your taste. Incorporate as many varieties and different colors as you can, as each different food provides a different nutritional component. (I read somewhere that the average American eats something like the same 14 or 16 foods over and over. That’s missing out on a big variety of nutritional input that all of us could use… and besides, it’s kind of boring!).

The post I wrote a few days ago was about taking advantage of the season and canning or preserving some of the season’s produce. When I went to the market yesterday, I noticed flats of peaches and nectarines just hanging around, waiting for someone to snap them up.

Well, I can’t eat whole flats of peaches and nectarines before they go bad, so a great idea is to make chutney out of them and save until fall and winter for a fabulous chicken curry dish… yum!!

Here’s a good article about chutneys… if these appeal to you, there are lots of good recipes available at the end of the article (page 3), on-line, in current magazines, or in a canning cook book. And remember, when looking at recipes, look for ones that don’t go completely bonkers and overboard on sugar…. you know, that thing that’s killing us?

Seriously, it would be hard not to be able to find lots of recipes for canning right now…. it’s the season!

Come October, I’ll post my favorite chicken curry recipe. I have yet to find one person who doesn’t love it, I know this because they devour their plate and then go back for 2nds and 3rds.  And since chutney is a big part of the success of the dish, you can use your homemade chutney instead of store bought… something you should feel really good about!

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