Back Again

Those of you who’ve followed this blog know that I’ve taken a pretty big break on posting anything since my mom died. I just returned home a few days ago from my final trip down to our family home, where she lived for 70 years, having completed cleaning every little thing out of the house and yard as well as signing the escrow papers.

It was bittersweet.. sad to close the door for the last time, but nice to meet the new owners and to know that they are excited about the house and that there will be a couple of kids in the house again. And I am so ready to get my life back on a more normal track.

I’d said when I started this blog that I was only going to write it for 1 year, but my mom’s death effectively cancelled about 6 months of that year… so I guess I’m going to keep on until I catch up.

I haven’t posted any quotes in the past (at least I can’t remember if I did), so I’m going to ease back into this blog by posting what I think is a very weighty quote by the Dalai Lama…one that I think many of us would benefit from reading over and over and letting it smack us upside the head. 

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2 Responses to Back Again

  1. I just found this site, and I am currently enjoying the archives, but I hope you plan on writing for more than just six more months. 😉

    I know that the passing of a relative, especially a parent, it tough, so I wish you the best. As evidenced by the quote you selective enjoying the important things in life, and fully living in the present, is essential.

    Best wishes,


  2. Thanks Jason, I appreciate the nice comments.

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