Our Right to Know if We’re Eating Genetically Engineered Food

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of genetically engineered ( GE or sometimes called GMO.. genetically modified) food, it’s hard to argue against our right to know if we’re eating it or not.

If we remain passive on issues like this, the decision will be made for us…. and not by people who are necessarily looking out for our best interests… but instead by special interest groups and lobbyists.

Life has sped up…. Special Interest Groups  have really learned how to take control, and it’s all happened so fast…. POOR US !

I don’t know, sometimes I feel like we all (myself included) need to smack ourselves in the face, wake up, and  stop letting our lives be controlled by others.

I’m pinching myself to not be so passive…I hope you see the logic in this and agree that at least having the right to know what we eat, IS, or at least SHOULD be, one of our inalienable rights.

But you have to sign the following petition, demanding that genetically engineered (or modified) foods be labeled if you want to make any difference at all. And really, why SHOULDN’T it be labeled? Organic food is labeled… why can’t we label GE food? Give me a break.

I sometimes feel uncomfortable signing things or making quick decisions regarding political issues, mostly because I feel so manipulated (by the aforementioned special interest groups).. but seriously… THIS issue? It’s about as basic as it gets. I’ve already signed it.

I’ve not posted something like this on my blog before, so I dont’ know how it works with time sensitive topics… I imagine there’s a limit to how long you can act upon this petition and I’ll have to remove it from my blog.. so if you agree, don’t delay!


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2 Responses to Our Right to Know if We’re Eating Genetically Engineered Food

  1. gage says:


  2. Preacher Sue? thanks for the support Gage.. but …. did YOU sign the petition?

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