Can’t Say It Any Better… Blog Re-hash

While I’m working on my next post, I realized that there is already a lot of great information (in my opinion) on this blog that is pertinent to all of us right now.

Maybe you have a photographic memory like me (hahaha…NOT!) and remember every single little thing you read, but if not, I really do think you could gain some valuable, healthy, constructive information by revisiting past blog posts.

I happen to like all of the posts, but I culled through October and November and pulled the following out to highlight as we enter the “Holiday Season”. (WOW! I turned on the radio in my car yesterday and there’s a station already playing Christmas music 24/7. Just think how sick we’re going to be of those songs by December 26th! And it’s too bad, because they really are great songs… it’s not their fault we’ve become such a commercialized, obsessive/compulsive culture.)

Have fun… and let me know if you get something out of reading these a 2nd time!

This first one is part of my blog post dated 10/13/10… it’s from Mark’s Primal Blueprint and is so appropriate for the fall season.

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