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Critical Thinking: What Critical Thinkers Can Learn From Actors

Uh Oh! HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS! Disinformation is, and will be, spewing forth right and left now that the next Presidential election campaign kicks off next week. If ever we’re in need of the ability to exercise Critical Thinking, now’s … Continue reading

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Awesome… To Go With Yesterday’s Post!

My friend Niki sent me this video. I just had to post it as it goes so perfectly with the post I put up yesterday… funny, awesome….sounds kind of familiar! No Excuses Motivation…  

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1/2 Hour per day… can we commit to this?

Forget the marathons and hellish work-outs. OK, if that works for you and you’re not breaking down your joints, etc… fine. But I found this interesting: an awful lot of research has come out on how effective even a small … Continue reading

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Gifts That Really Make a Difference

This is the season of spending: spending your time, spending your energy, and of course, spending your money. It’s the Holiday Season, and I found the following to be one of the sanest, most meaningful excerpts on what kind of … Continue reading

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2 Healthy Choices for Holiday Treats

I’ve said before that sugar, not healthy fat, is what is killing us and contributing to obesity and so many chronic degenerative diseases. Having said that, I know that life would be no fun if we couldn’t indulge in some … Continue reading

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