Plastic and You

It really is scary that we’ve become so dependent upon plastic, particularly in the way we store and cook our food. Think about it… plastic coated pans to cook with, plastic utensils to stir the food we’re cooking, plastic containers to microwave in, and plastic film to cover our food.

What about plastic water bottles, plastic storage containers to put our food in, plastic coated milk cartons, cereal box liners…. if one stops to actually think about it, it’s overwhelming. ( To say nothing of the fact that all of our hygiene and personal care items are stored in plastic as well.)

My challenge to myself has been to get rid of teflon utensils and pans ( I use the ceramic coated, stainless, and cast iron now) and to replace plastic storage containers with glass ones. Message to self… be careful of the quality of your pans, how high you heat your food, and don’t store hot food in plastic!

I have a really good water filter, so I don’t buy plastic bottles of water, although I admit that my son and daughter-in-law gave me a really cool present at Christmas that allows me to make my own sparkling water… of course, it’s made and stored in a plastic bottle.  I’ll have to give that one some thought, although I think the number one concern is when it involves heated or warm food and drinks.

And Hey! We shouldn’t drink water from plastic bottles that have been left in our hot cars either. (Not that I’m mentioning any names…. ahem…. you know who you are). Seriously, just think of all of those bad chemicals leaching out… into US!

Is anyone concerned by the fact that plastic can be found in our blood? Does anyone think this is normal? Who knows the long term consequences for something like this? Common sense would say this is  probably not a good idea and to take precautions.

As for me, the biggest thing I have a problem finding a substitute for are the little baggies and plastic film used for storage. Washing glass containers and lids is kind of a drag, but in addition to the health issues, think of all the plastic baggies that are casually thrown away by each of us every day.

I’m throwing down a challenge to myself and to all of you…. how about if we all try to make it a challenge to get the most plastic that we can out of our lives? Is it possible to not buy anything with plastic for a month? A week??… A day???! Try it… it’s a lot harder than you might think.

So….following is a great trailer for the movie The Plastic Planet. The thing that made me cringe the most was the baby with the binkie in her mouth who then drinks from a plastic bottle and nipple…. so bad… and made worse if the milk is actually heated when put into the plastic bottle.

A Plastic Planet … WINNER! 2010 German Environment Media Award (click on the link below)

Here’s a good, more in depth article found at, which will give you lots of specifics.

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