Summer Soups

I love soup.

It’s kind of a joke around my house, because my husband says that every time he walks in the door, he smells chicken soup. Well, it’s kind of true.

I make bone broth out of chicken bones at least once a week, and part of the process with making this is that you simmer it on the stove for several hours. So, yes,  that’s going to make the kitchen smell like chicken soup for a good part of the day.

All I can ask is, “What’s wrong with the kitchen smelling like chicken soup?!” There could be worse things, trust me.

I’ve previously written several posts sharing soup recipes and talking about making bone broth and why it’s so good for us, but today I’m going to give you some links to other people’s blogs who like soup too….you’ll get a few good recipes to try.

I’m dedicating this to Cecily L., who’s getting married today. For her wedding present, I found the perfect gift on her wish list… a beautiful white soup tureen with lid, lion’s-head handles and some individual matching soup bowls. I bundled up some of my favorite soup recipes and gave them to her as well (along with the post on making bone broths of course!).

So Congratulations Cecily and George… Best Wishes and love as you start your new life together! And since you’re returning to Atlanta…. where it’s HOT…. check out these links to recipes for a few cooling summer soups!

This one is from Sarah Gannholm’s blog, Notes on Dinner….

Here’s one from Meredith’s blog, A Grateful Life: Recipes and Tips for Better Living

And here’s a web-site that showcases soup once a week with “Souper Sunday”, where Deb (from Hawaii) makes a soup and invites her blog followers to do the same. She posts her recipe and theirs as well…. Yay!

This was submitted to Souper Sunday, and looks like a pretty good summer soup to me!

As Julia would say, “Bon Appetit”!

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2 Responses to Summer Soups

  1. Niki says:

    Yesterday I ran across Maurice Sendak’s Nutshell Library collection in my stash of favorite kid’s books and read Chicken Soup With Rice for maybe the thousandth time. So…Blogging once, Blogging twice, Blogging chicken soup with rice! Thanks, Sue, for the great looking soup recipes and thanks Maurice for some great books. I love soup.

  2. Niki… I remember that you gave my boys that little “Nutshell Library”…. we still have it too.!

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