End of Summer Bucket-List

OK…. I can feel fall in the air, but we’re having some glorious end-of-summer weather and it’s not time to pull out the wool clothes and jackets yet. There’s still time to accomplish some of your favorite summertime activities.

For me, it’s been working a lot more in my garden, hiking, taking some week-end bike rides and also some day car trips to fun places with my husband. And I’ve got ambition! One thing I still want to do is can some of my garden’s bounty. And in case this is one of your ambitions as well, following are several great links for ideas to get reconnected to your food by harvesting, canning, freezing, drying your own as well as a couple of recipes highlighting a seasonal dish that can’t help remind you that…. it’s still late summer, you still have time…..

The following is a good post from Caroline at Verdura Gardens. It’s true that people who haven’t been used to growing their own food may find that they can plant it, but they make some real mistakes when it comes to harvesting and using what they’ve grown… so her post about harvesting your produce is a  good one.


Here’s a pic of my left-over spicy dill pickles that I made with my sister-in-law Ginann last year.

To be truthful, we ate all of the smaller jars LONG ago, but these big ones stayed on the shelf too long and maybe in too hot of a spot. The last jar I opened yielded some pretty mushy pickles…. so I’ve got them on top of my kitchen cabinets, more as decoration at this point, and to remind me to eat my produce and dream about what I want to do next year.

Following is a similar recipe to Ginann’s that I found at culinate.com that calls for rolling grapeleaves and inserting them into the jar to keep the pickles crisp (although I’d add… don’t store in too warm a place for too long… doubt grapeleaves would counter the effect).

As for preserving questions? Remember that you can always call your local ag. extension agency hotline and ask to speak with a master food preserver who can most likely answer all of your canning safety questions and maybe even ones about grapeleaves in pickles!


Tomatoes…. how could it even be considered end of summer without talking tomatoes? This Tomato Jam with Smoked Paprika sounds delicious and I’ve vowed to try this one out in the next week or two.

orange tomato jam with smoked paprika


Here are some great ideas for alternatives to canning if you want to put up some produce quickly…. while you still have time… or don’t like the idea of cooking the food so long that some of the food quality is destroyed.


YUM! Here it is Summer+ Corn+ Chowder

corn chowderhttp://www.culinate.com/recipes/collections/Contributors/Jamie+Passaro/Summer+Corn+Chowder

We’ve recently been invited to a couple of Potlucks, and below are a couple of big hits.

Roasted Figs

Take some brown turkey figs and stuff them with bleu cheese and drizzle with black currant balsamic vinegar. Pretty tasty!

Cornmeal Cake+ Sweet Rosemary Syrup+ Blackberries.

cornmeal cake



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2 Responses to End of Summer Bucket-List

  1. Megan says:

    Great post, S. I am looking forward to feeling fall in the air, even more so now! XO

  2. Thanks Megan. It’s so fall here now. Even though it’s been in the mid-80’s, there’s just a completely different feel in the air. Cool mornings, softer air, rustling leaves…. I’m glad there’s a transition because I’m not ready for rain yet!

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