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Who, What, When & Why?

Who? Me. Susan Hamilton. I can put interesting letters behind my name like NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) and CHFS (Certified Healing Foods Specialist). I was certified in 2007 through the Nutritional Therapy Association after completing a 10 month course of study on biology, human physiology, etc…. Then I was certified through Immunitrition LLC after completing an intensive 4 day class in LA about traditionally prepared, fermented, and cultured foods such as cultured veggies, kimchi, yogurt, kombucha, & kefir.

What the heck, while I was at it, I followed that with a course from Oregon Tilth on growing organic food and preparing the soil properly for maximum health benefits. I’ve taken numerous professional seminars covering topics such as: Blood Chemistry; Neurotransmitters and the Brain; and, Thyroid, Adrenals and Blood Sugar.

I came out with an increased knowledge of the human body, its functions, and its needs. What I didn’t study was weight management. I say this only because I find that a large % of people seem to be only interested in that. And you know, it is important. But it’s surprising how many people are only worried about how they look instead of what’s going on inside their body. Being overweight is a growing problem in our society and it contributes to or causes so many health problems. I think that people need to look at their body as a whole entity… everything is related.  It’s a whole lot more complicated than how much one weighs.

What? The blog consists of commentary, essays, videos, and interviews on health, balanced living, and things you can do by yourself, for yourself and your family.

When? I’m committing to writing for one year…. actually until my birthday in November of 2011.  I’m using this year to do many of the things I’ve wanted to do and/or felt that I should do, but haven’t.  This blog is just one of them. I’m sure I’ll be putting up at least one post a week. (* note…added  on 11/11/11… please see the post on October 23rd titled “Back Again” to get an update on what’s happening with my blog)

Why? I think my generation has screwed up. We’re not only handing off a financial disaster to our kids, but we’ve failed to teach them how to be self sufficient as far as their health and basic lifeskills are concerned. We’ve crippled ourselves in so many ways.

Going to school, getting active, and this blog are part of my effort to do what I can do… rather than just talking about it.

I’m really writing this blog with my kids’ and future grandkids’ best interest in mind, but welcome anyone else who wants to tag along for the ride.

My point of view:

I’m interested in promotion of health, not management of disease. When I went back to school, I was taught how to focus on preventing chronic degenerative diseases.

People used to die from infections, infectious diseases, and accidents. Now we’re dying from chronic degenerative diseases. People may say, “Yeah, but that’s because we’re living longer and have time to develop these diseases.”

I say Bull. Just look at what used to be called “Adult Onset Diabetes”, and has had to have its name changed to “Type 2 Diabetes” because so many children are developing it. The disease is becoming an epidemic. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Our answer to a cold or illness is to take a pill or get an injection or a vaccine. Sometimes this is not only warranted, but a Godsend…. and aren’t we lucky that we live in a time that we can have these interventions available to us?!

But is it possible that escalating vaccinations and drug interventions could be messing with our immune systems and contributing not only to chronic degenerative diseases, but also to the current rise in autoimmune diseases?

I don’t know. But guess what? Neither does the scientific or medical community know for sure either. There needs to be more testing done on some of these drugs and vaccines. It’s scary that some have made it onto the market, only to find years later that there are serious questions about their effectiveness and/or safety.

Looking at it objectively, common sense would tell you that we should take responsibility for educating ourselves about our body’s systems and needs, and should start seriously thinking about prevention and caring for ourselves rather than opting for “disease management”.

So there.

As for self sufficiency? Most of us are complete idiots when it comes to doing the most basic things for ourselves.

Regarding a balanced lifestyle? What’s that???

Read “My Basic Philosophy” in the December archives for more info.


“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”. Thomas Edison

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”     Hippocrates

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” Author unknown

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5 Responses to About

  1. johnrmcphee says:

    What a great blog Susan! I’m positive that there’ll be many of us “along for the ride” … I’m looking forward to more words of wisdom and more ways for us to learn what we “need to know in order to take responsibility for our own health, safety and ultimate happiness”. I like the idea of writing for our children and “future grandchildren” … may there be many of them.

  2. Konky Forster says:

    Hi! Susan,
    Glad to see you got this off and going since we last saw you. Wish you great success in this endeavor. Look forward to the latest and greatest in all health issues!
    Right on with Vitamin D!

  3. Sue Fuller says:

    Sue – great job. Thanks for taking the time to do this and help us learn!

  4. Sallie says:

    Hi Sue-love the blog. I learned lots and look forward to learning more. Thanks for sharing this with me.
    All the best to you and your family.

  5. Ruth Carey says:

    Susan, Good job on your blog! Kris Elliot told me about this. I will follow! Follow me on Twitter @RuthcareyRD. “Hi ” to the family!

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